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a simple way to monitor your health while you sleep


EarlySense® Live™ uses hospital-proven technology to monitor your heart rate, breathing, stress levels and sleep cycles. Be proactive about your health from the comfort your home and live well with EarlySense.

Hospital Proven Technology for your Home

Contact-Free | Real-Time Alerts | Daily Health Summary | Personalized Analysis and Tips | Optional Remote Viewing Available
Keep an eye on your health with a
proven Medical Technology
Customer Experience
I may not have the normal health complication markers but because of this- it has opened up the eyes of my Dr's and myself into a possible issue to watch
I was not feeling well, but didn’t do anything since I didn’t have a fever. When, Live alerted me on high breathing rate, I knew I had to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and was given antibiotics.
Thank you! Irit
This product probably saved my husband’s life as it alerted me to heart rate issues and breathing issues prompting me to seek professional help. We found congestive heart failure the problem. This is a must have in every household
live Remote Access
Care for your loved ones
with Remote, Real-Time tracking of Heart & Respiration Readings
Morning notifications
  • Unusual heart & breathing rates
  • Sleep patterns and changes in sleep quality
  • Sleep summary report
Live+ remote monitoring allows you to see the health patterns of your loved ones on your own device, anytime, anywhere.
Night alerts
  • Whenever heart or breathing rates exceed pre-defined thresholds
  • Whenever your loved one gets out of bed and hasn’t returned within a certain timeframe
The Live+ remote access sends you health alerts about your loved ones to give you greater peace of mind.
Already have a sensor ?
Share your health trends with your family or caregiver
Safe. Clinically-Proven. Accurate.
Accuracy proven up to 94%*
Designed for home use, Live utilizes EarlySense's hospital-grade technology.

EarlySense's clinical validations are published in highly regarded peer reviewed professional journals.
*Results obtained in a study that enrolled 66 subjects, sleeping for a total of 90 nights
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